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Virus Removal
Contrary to popular belief, Macs are now suffering with the same problems to a degree that windows users have faced over the years. Bearing in mind that windows is the main operating system used throughout the world, over the last few years Macs have started to feel the affects of malicious software and malware starting to creep through the net.

There has been a sharp rise over the last couple of years of these threats, now there is the possibility of ransomware starting to appear. This is a particularly nasty form of threat and has the ability to destroy all your data and effectively render the machine useless and a reinstall of OSx to clear the issue. We can supply anti virus at a great price to help defend against these issues. Contact us today on 0151 648 3600 for more info. 
Mac Upgrades
Upgrading your Mac to an SSD (solid State Drive) can improve the performance immeasurably. As the SSD has no moving parts the boot up times, response times etc. are so much faster than a standard mechanical HDD (Hard Disk Drive). We have been upgrading macs as standard service for years and using mainly Samsung SSDs we have had great results and very happy customers !
So if your looking to speed up your Mac then contact us on 0151 648 3600.
Ram upgrades for yourmac device can also increase the speed .......ask us about ram upgrades to speed up your Mac.
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