23 Thingwall Road, Irby, Wirral, Merseyside. CH61 3UA
TEL:  0151 648 3600
Business support 0151 632 5970

Gaming PCs

We build Gaming Pcs !

Whether your budget is small or large we can build you a PC for game playing, video editing, photo editing. Choose from Intel or the new AMD Rizen chips through to the new AMD Threadrippers for your processing power, and now with intels new series launched we will be able to offer you the best choice of parts available on the wirral.  Along with Nvidia and AMD graphics, standard cooled to custom liquid oling, you wont be disappointed with what we can offer.
Every build is unique to your requirements. We put alot of care and effort into our builds to make sure that you are happy with your build for years to come. We have over 20 years experience in the PC business so give us a call on 0151 648 3600.

So dont just look at the brand names for your gamer talk to us at      PCI Xpress and I think You will be pleasantly suprised, and with 2 years guarantees on all our builds you will have peace of mind as well.

Gaming laptops.

We have accounts with all the major manufacturers of gaming capable laptops, From Alienware to MSI. We can supply at competitive prices and set them up exactly how you want so that they are ready to go when you pick it up.  For more info give us a call on 0151 648 3600.

What spec do i need?

When looking at your next gamer its always better to slightly over spec to your requirements wherever possible, this gives you a certain amount of future proofing to avoid having to upgrade it in a couple of years time. So aim to get a graphics card thats better than you need to start with as that is the main upgrading that we see alot of. 
Ram is also a part that is crucial as well, all ourr gamers have a minimum of 8gb DDR4 ram so 16 is always better.
CPU is crucial as well aim for the highest you can and that can help to avoid any speed issues in the future.
Of course we will be here to guide you through any requirements and help you get that gamer you have always wanted.

We can supply........

We have trade accounts with all the major suppliers and manufacturers of pc parts in the uk. From Antec to NZXT cases, tempered glass cases, AMD to Nvidia Graphics, AMD to Intel CPUs and more....... and prices that are competitive all with 2 years parts and Labour warranties on all our custom Pcs .....give us a call on 0151 648 3600 you wont be disappointed.

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