Repair & Service

Our technicians based in Hoylake & Bebington can help with all types of PC computer and laptop repairs from broken laptop screens to component level repairs.

We repair all makes and models of computer and will diagnose the problem and provide you with a quote before starting work on the repairs.

We can also help to breathe new life into your old computer by completing system memory upgrades, improving the graphics or installing an SSD drive to replace your old, tired, slow HDD. Call us on 0151 632 5970 for Hoylake & 0151 608 6387 for Bebington or call in and talk to us and see what we can do for you.

Our repair services include :-

Component Level Repairs
Power Supply’s for Desktop Pcs
Charging Sockets for laptops, tablets & phones
LCD, LED Screen Replacement for laptops, Tablets & Phones
Memory Upgrades for Laptops and desktops
DVD Drive Issues for laptops & Desktop Pcs
Motherboard Replacement
Water/Liquid Damage
Over Heating
Graphics Problems
Network Problems
Windows Blue Screens
Hard Drive Failure
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